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Welcome to Unmanned Build, at the time known as UAV1 Build.

When I started building my first drone some time ago, I had in the back of my mind to eventually share my DIY adventures with the community.

This blog is the materialization of this idea.  I feel that at this point at last, and after several attempts, successes and failures in building DIY drones, I have just enough juice to throw together a bunch of posts, in the hope that the material will be helpful to those going down the DIY path.

The CH-400, full-carbon fiber frame, with 3d printed motor mounts
The CI-400, full-carbon fiber frame, with 3d printed motor mounts. Photo taken before electronics and drive are attached.

I have recently finalized manufacturing of my 5th quadcopter design. It is a design that has satisfied me from many aspects, and therefore I consider it my current best. Before that, I went through an iteration of quad designs, including X, H and hybrid configurations. During this time, I dove head-first, (sometimes figuratively slamming my head as well!) into a range of production technologies that I have never had experience to work before, ranging from 3D printing, Epoxy Lamination, and soldering of high-current circuits, to the much more humble (but extremely versatile!) zip-tie binding! In many cases, this has happened with minimal hardware, which has been for me a good reason to innovate. I will be outlining all of this as time passes and the blog is updated.

Just to make things clear though: This is not an expert blog, and much of the narrative in here should be taken with a grain of salt. I usually try to reference expert sources when discussing something, but my advice is to go and research a bit before going the same path I went, and that holds true for many of the things that will appear here.

So this is the end of this introductory post. Thanks for taking the time to read this, and I hope you are as excited as I am about the things to come!


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  1. UAV: Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, more commonly known as a drone. In the context of this blog, we will constrain ourselves to quadcopters mainly.
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