Intermission: NAVIO2 Arrives…

(Breaking the timeline of this blog and time-warping to the present for a bit)

My NAVIO2 order has finally arrived from EMLID.

This is really exciting news, and I can’t wait to get started building with it and sharing my results.

NAVIO2 is a really well designed PCB, both in terms of quality, as well as from an aesthetic standpoint. Although I understand that the latter is not of great importance in electronics projects, still kudos go to the EMLID team for actually going the extra mile to put together a great looking product.

NAVIO2 (image © EMLID)
NAVIO2 (image © EMLID)

In a totally unrelated note, here’s an old Pentium processor (dated around 1993), in comparison to my Raspberry Pi with the NAVIO2 autopilot:

Raspberry2 (2014) + NAVIO2 (2015) vs. Intel Pentium 133 (1993?)
Raspberry2 (2014) + NAVIO2 (2015) vs. Intel Pentium 133 (1993?)

Makes you slightly nostalgic doesn’t it.

(end of time-warp)

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