A new identity!

The original scope of this blog comprised experiments on drones and UAV, but since then focus expanded significantly.  Nowadays I try to publish experiments in a much wider range of robotics. I thought that this called for a change of identity of the blog. An identity that highlights the new, broader scope, but which still stays true to the spirit of DIY making.

Thus Backyard Robotics was born! The new site features a new domain, new look and, of course, a new logo!

The theme I chose is Coup Lite from Themes Kingdom. I looked for quite a while but could not find a theme with the aesthetic quality of Coup Lite (disclaimer: I am not affiliated in any way to Themes Kingdom). Best of all: It’s free!

I’ll be kicking off new content in this platform in the next few days with a tutorial series on Deep-Q Learning using OpenAI Gym, Baselines models and Pybullet.

What do you think of the new blog? Share your experience in the comments below!

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