Tinymovr alpha Available

Tinymovr is entering alpha testing phase, and you are invited to participate! Head over to the form below to get a super-early bird Tinymovr R3.2 Board or Dev Kit:


Tech specs:

  • 3-phase brushless motor controller with Field Oriented Control
  • Input Voltage: 12 – 26V, XT30UPB connector, 35A continuous phase current
  • PAC5527 Integrated MCU+Gate Driver (150MHz Cortex-M4F w/ 128k flash, 32k RAM)
  • MA702 absolute position magnetic encoder with 12.5 bit resolution
  • FDMD8530 mosfets, 30V 1.25mΩ max. rDS(on), mosfets rated for 127A continuous
  • CAN bus and serial (TTL) connectivity, SWD header for debugging and flashing firmware.
  • 20kHz switching and control frequency
  • Board Dimensions: 40mm x 42mm x 10mm(approx height)

The price of the alpha boards will be $39/39€, plus shipping costs (includes Tinymovr, diametrically-magnetized magnet and 1x DF-13 to female header cable). You will need your own means of talking CAN with the controller, a 3-phase brushless motor, a way of securing the magnet on the motor axis and Tinymovr on the motor, and a 12-26V power source.

There are also dev kits available for $119/119€, plus shipping costs. Dev kits include Tinymovr + diametrically-magnetized magnet + high quality T-Motor 4004 motor integrated in a compact stand, a Canable-compatible CAN Adapter and assorted power and signal cables and wires. You’ll need a micro USB cable and a 12-26V power source.

Alpha users will receive individual support in setting up Tinymovr for their projects.

Please note that currently the amount of Tinymovr boards/dev kits is limited to one per person. In later batches it will be possible to purchase more boards.

Tinymovr ships from the EU to addresses in Australia, Canada, the EU, UK or US.

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Estimated shipping is beginning of August 2020.

Have fun building awesome robots!

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