Affiliate Link Policy

In much of the content found in Backyard Robotics you’ll find text links that redirect to product pages in online retailers such as eBay or Amazon. Pretty much all of these links are affiliate links. When you purchase a product through an affiliate link Backyard Robotics will earn a small commission on your purchase. This revenue helps Backyard Robotics pay it’s basic costs such as server uptime and maintenance.

The presence of affiliate links does not in any way influence the content of the site, or the views that the editorial team shares of the products.

Currently Backyard Robotics mainly contains affiliate links to eBay products. However, links to other reputable online retailers, such as Amazon, may also appear. Presence of affiliate links to one retailer over another does not equal endorsement of that retailer by Backyard Robotics, and does not represent the current best price of the corresponding product.

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