Flash & Burn, ESC edition

Many ESCs produce a high-pitched whining noise while running the motors. This is a result of the current switching that happens at the ESC. In many models, the frequency of switching is in the high audible range, and this translates to whining noise. If you’ve been following this blog for some time, you’d know that one of my

Intermission: NAVIO2 Arrives…

(Breaking the timeline of this blog and time-warping to the present for a bit) My NAVIO2 order has finally arrived from EMLID. This is really exciting news, and I can’t wait to get started building with it and sharing my results. NAVIO2 is a really well designed PCB, both in terms of quality, as well

S01E01: The W-500

It always starts with an F-450, or a clone of it. Always. Unless you’re a pro willing to cough up a five digit figure just to get in the air, or you’re going for the RTF stuff, you must have come across an F-450 in your multicopter ventures. I think that DJI should be proud

Hello world!

Welcome to Backyard Robotics Unmanned Build, UAV Build. When I started building my first drone some time ago, I had in the back of my mind to eventually share my DIY adventures with the community. This blog is the materialization of this idea.  I feel that at this point  I’ve had enough attempts, successes and failures in building