Intermission: NAVIO2 Arrives…

(Breaking the timeline of this blog and time-warping to the present for a bit) My NAVIO2 order has finally arrived from EMLID. This is really exciting news, and I can’t wait to get started building with it and sharing my results. NAVIO2 is a really well designed PCB, both in terms of quality, as well

S01E01: The W-500

It always starts with an F-450, or a clone of it. Always. Unless you’re a pro willing to cough up a five digit figure just to get in the air, or you’re going for the RTF stuff, you must have come across an F-450 in your multicopter ventures. I think that DJI should be proud

Hello world!

Welcome to Backyard Robotics Unmanned Build, UAV Build. When I started building my first drone some time ago, I had in the back of my mind to eventually share my DIY adventures with the community. This blog is the materialization of this idea.  I feel that at this point  I’ve had enough attempts, successes and failures in building