Another take on the CF frame

In the last post I went through the process of designing and realizing my first Carbon Fiber-based H-quad. While the molding and lamination process itself was successful, the design was based on an open section, a fact that made it twist excessively even though it was quite resistant to bending. I thus went on to

On the Road to a Full-CF Aircraft

The main driving force behind my current UAV experiments is lowering aircraft weight and noise. In principle though, this should not come at the expense of other factors, such as flying time, rigidity, responsiveness and crash-worthiness. So with these in mind, and after the eventual success of my last build, I’ve been planning for some

S01E01: The W-500

It always starts with an F-450, or a clone of it. Always. Unless you’re a pro willing to cough up a five digit figure just to get in the air, or you’re going for the RTF stuff, you must have come across an F-450 in your multicopter ventures. I think that DJI should be proud